Virtual Visitation and Why It Matters

As technology makes the possibility of virtual meetings more prevalent and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect how and where people gather and see one another, virtual visitation is becoming an increasingly effective way for parents to see their kids. Virtual visitation allows the non-custodial parent to meet with their […]

Jewelry: Gift or Marital Property?

When a couple gets divorced in California, their assets will be considered marital property and distributed equally. This will be the case for all the property they share unless that property was acquired before the marriage. In that case, the spouse who owned that property before or after the marriage […]

Understanding Mediation in California

If you’re considering a divorce in Orange County and believe you and your spouse have the emotional and intellectual maturity to settle your differences amicably, then a divorce mediation might be right for you. Unlike litigation, which requires couples to go to court and argue their case before a judge, […]