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Category: Child Custody

What is Bird’s Nest Custody?

Sep 9, 2021 Child Custody
Child custody is often one of the most difficult facets of a divorce process and usually involves a lot of emotions from the parents and the children alike. Increasingly, co-parenting advocates are opting for arrangements...

Can Children Pick Who They Want to Live With?

Aug 31, 2021 Child Custody
Making the difficult decision to divorce is even harder when there are children involved. Separating parents may find that their custody battle causes the most grief and anxiety around what to do – both parents want to...

Understanding Ex Parte Custody Orders

Aug 17, 2021 Child Custody
An ex parte custody order gives temporary emergency custody to one parent based solely on their testimony when that testimony alleges that a child is in danger in the other parent’s care. Ex parte orders are usually heard...

A Few Truths About Child Custody in California

Mar 31, 2021 Child Custody
If you’re a parent considering a divorce in California, you may be interested to know that there are certain truths that could influence your decision about whether or not a divorce is the best thing for your family....

Creating an Ideal Visitation Schedule

Feb 12, 2021 Child Custody
A divorce becomes substantially more complex when there are children involved. Unfortunately, one of the hardest parts of finalizing your formal separation is determining how you will split child custody with your ex. Whether...