Child and Spousal Support

Child Support

Through command of child support laws, taxation issues, and the determination of income available for support, Seastrom Seastrom & Tuttle obtains optimal child support results for our clients. This is done through identifying all income sources and working with forensic accountants to determine appropriate or overstated income deductions.

Spousal Support

Spousal support may be awarded to a client whose higher income earning spouses are financially able to contribute to their needs.

Whether we represent the higher income party or the party in need of financial support, our goal is the same, to maximize our client’s net monthly income. We have successfully represented many of Orange County’s—and California’s—highest income cases. This experience helps us create unique solutions to settle difficult cases, and also uniquely positions us to negotiate for our clients from a position of strength. We also have unsurpassed knowledge of today’s complex financial and tax issues, and long-standing relationships with forensic accounting and tax attorneys, all of which help us maximize our clients’ results.