Child Custody

Determining custody schedules and parenting responsibilities can be among the most sensitive issues you will face. Matters that need to be resolved often include:

  • What the custodial schedule will be;
  • Who will make decisions regarding the health, safety, and education for the children;
  • What the children can or cannot do while in either parent’s care.

Our attorneys work in partnership with clients to negotiate workable parenting plans, encouraging them to arrive at agreements outside of court. In addition to reducing costs, this oftentimes results in better resolutions than having a court make these crucial decisions.

When, however, these important issues cannot be solved through negotiation, clients can be confident that we will provide formidable representation in court. The firm’s experienced litigators represent clients in high-conflict custody cases and matters involving complex legal areas such as Interstate/International jurisdictional issues and reolcation cases.

Whether or not a client’s situation presents such complex legal questions, Seastrom Seastrom & Tuttle treats the custody aspects of the matter as paramount.