Orange County Custody Lawyers for Parents Considering the Bird’s Nest Approach to Custody

Bird’s nest custody is an option for divorcing parents in Orange County that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike a traditional custody arrangement in which children split time between their parents’ homes, bird’s nest custody gives children a permanent home where they spend time with both parents.

This is a unique form of post-divorce parenting that won’t work for all couples. But, when it makes sense, it can be beneficial for everyone involved. It is most common with co-parenting arrangements, although co-parenting isn’t strictly necessary for bird’s nest custody.

Considerations for Divorcing Parents Interested in Bird’s Nest Custody

Due to the unique nature of bird’s nest custody, several important considerations are involved in establishing this type of arrangement during a divorce. Some of these considerations include:

  • Maintaining Multiple Residences – Establishing a bird’s nest custody arrangement requires divorcing spouses to maintain multiple residences. Typically, each spouse will have his or her own home, and then the spouses will jointly own (or otherwise share) the home where their children reside full-time.
  • Decorating and Maintaining the Shared Residence Divorcing parents who wish to enter into a bird’s nest custody arrangement must also address various matters related to their shared residence. This includes everything from décor to maintenance.
  • Financial Responsibility for the Shared Residence The parents will need to address the financial aspects of owning this shared residence as well—including whether one parent will own the home or both parents will have their names on the deed and share responsibility for mortgage payments and other expenses.
  • Parenting Time – Beyond issues related to the shared residence itself, divorcing parents must also establish the parameters of their respective parenting time. While spending time at the shared residence individually is an option, many parents who decide to pursue bird’s nest custody will include provisions for jointly spending time with their children as well.
  • Practicalities – Splitting time between multiple residences can present practical challenges for many parents, particularly those working full-time. Parents interested in bird’s nest custody will need to think carefully about the locations of their separate and shared residences. They will need to ensure that their parenting time schedule adequately meets their needs while also serving the best interests of their children.  

As with all other aspects of getting divorced, it is important to address these issues in advance and establish a clear plan for moving forward. Both parents will need to carefully consider these issues during the divorce process and make informed decisions about what will work for them post-divorce. Similar to co-parenting, establishing a bird’s nest custody arrangement involves preparing a comprehensive agreement that will serve as the parents’ roadmap for navigating their custody arrangement in the years to come.

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