Irvine High Asset Divorce Attorneys

For wealthy individuals, the divorce process presents some unique challenges. While the basic issues and procedures are the same regardless of your assets and income, high-end divorces tend to be much more complex. This means they also tend to be more time-consuming, and it means that there are more opportunities for contentious disputes to arise as well. As Irvine high asset divorce attorneys, we are intimately familiar with the issues, practicalities and nuances involved.

Which of your assets are on the table in your divorce? Which are you entitled to keep as your “separate” property? If you signed a prenuptial agreement, is it legally-enforceable in California? Since California’s community property law entitles each spouse to half of the couple’s marital estate under most circumstances, these are all critical questions that you need to answer so that you can make informed decisions as you prepare for your divorce.

Decades of Experience Representing High-Net-Worth Spouses in California

Our Irvine high asset divorce attorneys have decades of experience representing high-net-worth spouses in all stages of the divorce process. From pre-divorce planning to settlement negotiations and mediation, and from divorce litigation to post-divorce enforcement, we guide our clients through the critical issues involved in their divorces step-by-step. We are sensitive to the unique aspects of high-end divorces, and we have particular experience representing business owners, business executives, licensed professionals, investors and other high-net-worth individuals.

As your legal counsel, we will work closely with you to identify the issues involved in your divorce, help you establish priorities, and develop a viable strategy for securing a favorable result. Depending on your personal family and financial circumstances, this may include addressing matters such as:

When necessary, our Orange County high-end divorce lawyers can also assist our clients with matters such as uncovering attempts to hide assets and income, intentionally remaining unemployed or underemployed, wasting community assets and using community assets to finance extramarital affairs. Regardless of the circumstances involved in your divorce, we have the experience to help you make informed and strategic decisions, and we have the commitment to ensure that your financial interests remain secure.

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