Seastrom Seastrom & Tuttle represents clients participating in family law mediation. The firm can consult with a client in the background of the mediation, act as a client’s representative during a mediation, or can act as the mediator for the parties.

Before agreeing to mediation, clients should consult with one of our attorneys about whether mediation is appropriate for their situation. Mediation might not be optimal where there are issues of intense emotional blame, where there is a great imbalance of knowledge regarding the finances of the estate, where there is a high degree of distrust or prior acts of significant financial impropriety, where one party is highly intimidated by the other, or where there has been domestic violence.

Where one of the foregoing factors is present, it may be more effective to engage in a traditional attorneys/client relationship with the firm, and allow us to guide you through the process as counselor and representative. Often times we can obtain a very similar result through negotiation with another lawyer, as would be achieved through mediation.