Orange County Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Seastrom Tuttle & Murphy lawyers assist clients in all aspects of a California family law mediation. An Orange County divorce mediation lawyer can consult with a client in the background of the mediation, act as a client’s representative during a mediation, or can act as the mediator for the parties.

Before agreeing to mediation, clients should consult with one of our attorneys about whether mediation is appropriate for their situation. Mediation might not be optimal where there are issues of intense emotional blame, where there is a great imbalance of knowledge regarding the finances of the estate, where there is a high degree of distrust or prior acts of significant financial impropriety, where one party is highly intimidated by the other, or where there has been domestic violence.

Where one of the foregoing factors is present, it may be more effective to engage in a traditional attorneys/client relationship with the firm, and allow us to guide you through the process as counselor and representative. Often times we can obtain a very similar result through negotiation with another lawyer, as would be achieved through mediation. To learn how we can best help you, contact our law firm to speak with a top Orange County divorce meditation lawyer.

When Should Divorcing Spouses Consider Mediation?

Mediation only works if both parties commit to the process in good faith. Unlike going to court, pursuing mediation does not result in a binding decision. Instead, the spouses work toward negotiating an amicable solution that allows them to move past the issues that led them to the mediation forum.

When Divorce Mediation Works (and When It Doesn’t)

There are two ways that divorcing spouses can enter into mediation: (i) by agreement, or (ii) by court order. When spouses are unable to come to terms on one or more substantive issues but they agree that it is best to avoid the costs and burdens of litigation, they can pursue mediation as a way to get past their differences. Conversely, if one spouse sees further negotiations as futile and decides to go to court, the judge may order the parties to mediation before he or she will preside over a hearing on the substantive issue(s) involved.

In either case, pursuing mediation will only be worthwhile if both spouses are open to compromise. If you are concerned that your spouse may be eyeing litigation, your Orange County divorce mediation attorney may be able to work with his or her law firm to establish a constructive dialogue and continue working toward an out-of-court resolution. Additionally, as noted above, in many cases negotiations between the attorneys can result in issues being resolved without the need to pursue mediation.

An Orange County Divorce Mediation Lawyer Can Resolve Complex Family, Financial and Property Issues

While mediation can prove beneficial under a variety of circumstances, it is often particularly useful for resolving issues that do not lend themselves to a straightforward resolution. For example, mediation tends to be an effective tool in high-net-worth divorces, where complex issues such as competing appraisals and questions regarding the distribution of secured debts can have significant financial ramifications. Mediation is often an effective tool for negotiating parenting plans as well, particularly in cases in which the parents are struggling to address issues such as holiday visitation schedules and vacation planning.

As a client of Seastrom Tuttle & Murphy, our lawyers will advise you regarding the benefits and limitations of pursuing mediation, and we will help you make informed decisions about how best to approach your divorce. In many cases, we will recommend that our clients pursue mediation for discrete issues (such as negotiating spousal support) while resolving the majority of the aspects of their divorce through informal negotiations. Ultimately, the goal is to protect your interests to the fullest extent possible; and, if pursuing mediation is not in your best interests, we will recommend an alternative approach that we believe presents the best option to get the job done.

Speak with an Irvine or Orange County Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Confidence

If you would like more information about the mediation process, or if you are interested in engaging an Orange County divorce mediation lawyer as your legal counsel or a divorce mediator, we encourage you to get in touch. For a confidential consultation, call our Orange County matrimonial law offices at 949-474-0800 or inquire online today.