Fighting for Child Custody in a High Net Worth Divorce

Dec 31, 2020 Child Custody

If you’re facing a less than savory divorce with a high net worth spouse, and find yourself at a disadvantage thanks to your former spouse’s seemingly limitless funds, you may be worried about child custody. While most divorcing parents recognize that remaining amicable is best for the children, sometimes former spouses are hurt and use their kids as weapons in their embattled divorce. When one of the spouses is a high net worth individual with the resources to fight for child custody, the divorce can turn ugly fast. If you’re concerned about keeping custody of your children in a high net worth divorce, consider working with an Irvine child custody attorney who has experience with these sensitive types of proceedings. 

Usually, a high net worth divorce and child custody proceeding can go one of three ways. Sometimes, the parents recognize that they must work together for the benefit of their children, and create a parenting plan with the help of their attorney in mediation proceedings; this process keeps the entire proceeding out of court so the former spouses can retain total control of their divorce outcome. In other instances, the parents disagree at first about how to move forward with a parenting plan and make some court filings to move the needle in one direction or another, but ultimately find a way to settle their differences regarding child custody and come to the court with an agreement it need only sign off on. Finally, the most bitter divorces will wage a full court battle over child custody, requiring months of litigation. 

Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Former Spouse with Deep Pockets

If you’re facing a difficult divorce against a high net worth individual, consider some tips for navigating this process from a better vantage point. Working with an Irvine child custody attorney to outline a divorce plan before you initiate proceedings will put you in a better position to argue for child custody. Showcasing that you already have a place to live or a means to earn a living will weigh heavily if the child custody case has to proceed to court. Likewise, before you rush to move out of the home you share with your former spouse, speak with your lawyer about whether doing so will negatively affect your divorce and child custody outcome.

It’s also important to be realistic about your capabilities and availability to care for your children full-time. If you are a career-driven parent whose work requires long hours or substantial travel, be realistic about how your former spouse and you can share responsibilities. Don’t use your children as a tool to hurt your spouse, and instead consider how you can all benefit from a parenting plan that involves both of you. Finally, make sure that whatever you decide on regarding custody and visitation rights, that you get the agreement in writing as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

Get the Guidance You Need From Our Irvine Child Custody Attorney 

If you’re facing a former spouse in a high net worth divorce and want to retain custody of your children, you should consider contacting an Irvine child custody attorney right away. They can help find solutions to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, without doing harm to your family. Contact our offices today.