The Most Common Questions About Family Mediation

Jan 29, 2021 Divorce

If you’re considering a divorce, you may be concerned about how the proceedings will take an emotional toll on your family life. While it’s true that divorce is never easy – especially on children – the effects can be mitigated by pursuing an uncontested divorce through mediation. Working with Irvine family mediation lawyers can help remove much of the strife associated with divorce and help you work toward alimony, asset division, and child support and custody solutions that make sense for you and your family. Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about family mediation.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation generally occurs in a confidential setting and helps each party address and communicate what’s important to them in their divorce. Your attorneys will generally help you identify the issues that need to be resolved, outline priorities for how they will be addressed, discuss possible parenting plans and their financial implications, and generally prepare the terms of your divorce so that you can come to a settlement agreement. The goal behind mediation is to avoid trial and litigation, which can make things much more costly and emotional for your family.

My Former Spouse Does Not Seem Eager to Settle Our Divorce Amicably. Can Mediation Still Work?

Despite the obstacles of a difficult spouse, mediation will almost always be the solution for couples who can’t seem to move past their differences. Skilled mediation lawyers get to know their clients and find ways to push past their differences – whether that means avoiding face-to-face meetings, negotiating effectively based on what the client ultimately wants, or simply working behind the scenes with opposing counsel to get the job done. While you may seem discouraged by your ex’s attitude, you would be surprised what can happen when you bring in a team of Irvine family mediation lawyers to help with the process of settlement.

How Long Does Mediation Typically Take Before a Resolution is Reached?

While this will depend entirely on the facts of your case, the amount of assets that need to be divided, and each party’s willingness to resolve their issues amicably, a typical mediation will take the parties anywhere from two to eight meetings. Usually, there will be homework for the parties in between, so they can get clear on their expectations going into each session.

Why Should I Work With Irvine Family Mediation Lawyers?

You may be wondering whether it’s necessary to hire your own lawyer if you’re going to mediation. Wouldn’t the mediator be the only person needed to truly resolve your divorce? While mediators can guide you and give you information about state laws governing your divorce, only your Irvine family mediation lawyers will advocate on your behalf, counseling you on whether you’re conceding on things you shouldn’t be or giving far too much to the other party. As such, we always recommend you contact our team of Irvine family mediation lawyers before initiating your divorce.